Welcome to the BattleMaster tutorial!
This white text explains the most important parts of the game, while green text indicates things you must do to advance through the tutorial .
While everything looks real in this tutorial, you can not click on any "wrong" links. Just follow the instructions and read the explanations.

We will start with your character screen. You can access it at any time by clicking on your character's name in the bottom frame (Here: "Rasputin", over "8 hours" at the bottom") Before we go on, let's take a minute and examine what you're seeing here.

This is a character who has been around for a while. Rasputin is a member of the realm Riombara, and he has both Gold and Bonds - gold can be spent everywhere while bonds must be cashed at a bank first.
He also has 8 hours to spend on various activities.
Rasputin has two scouts (more on that later) and a unit of Archers. There are 80 archers, all healthy. This is a fairly large unit; most units will be much smaller than this. Their equipment is moderately damaged, and they are not a very cohesive group of men. They have a Combat Strength (CS) of 539, which is an indication of how powerful this archer unit is in combat.

Right under the Status banner is the state of the current turn. It is currently Night. Each turn is 12 hours long. Sunset (the start of the Night turn) occurred at 18:00, server time. Sunrise (the start of the Day turn) occurs at 06:00.

Before Rasputin moves anywhere, let's take a look at the region he's in. Go down to the bottom and click on Rueffilo.

It is currently Night. Sunrise is in 10 hours, 23 minutes (server time: 19:37)

Rasputin Dolohov
Physical Age:   24 years
Character Class:   Cavalier
Lord of: Rueffilo
Member of Realm: Riombara
Rank:   Knight
Liege:   Delvin
Honour:   90
Prestige: 25
Gold: 2
Bonds: 219
Status: ok
Time Pool: 8
The A-Team
Type:   Archers
Strength: 80 men
Wounded: 0 men
Training: 49 %
Equipment Quality: 40 %
Equipment Damage: 43 %
Morale: 100 %
Cohesion: 25 %
Total Combat Strength: 539
Designation: army
Last paid: 2 days ago
You are currently in Rueffilo.
Paraphernalia: 2 Scouts

Troops in this region

Unit Commander Realm Troop Size Troop Type
The A-Team Rasputin Riombara 80 men Archers

Total Troops: 80 men
(80 Archers)

Riombara: 80 Archers
Nobles without units: Steel (Riombara)

Rasputin Rueffilo The A-Team
8 hours / 2 (+219) gold 80 men, Archers

This tutorial was made and is ©2005 by John Murphy <john.p.murphy@dartmouth.edu>