Here is the region you're in right now. There's lots of information here, but only a little bit of it concerns us right now. First, there's the map. You can see Rueffilo in the center. Bordering it are Irombro, Rii, Ardmore, Glongin, and Bolkenia. Irombro is a city, and cities are often worth visiting.
There's also a list of the people and units in the region, listed in a table below the map. It's the same list we saw on the previous page. It tells us who is here, what type and size of unit they command, what realm they are from, and the name of their unit. There's also a fellow here without a unit. It's usually not a good idea to wander the realm without one. Certain classes do so more than others, but those classes are generally used by more experienced players.

Let's send out a scout to Irombro to see if it's safe to travel there. Click on Orders on the left menu bar.

, duchy of Irombro

Type:   Townsland
Location:   river
Fortifications:   Mote and Bailey (2)
Fort. Damage:   8 %
Local Lord:   Rasputin
Population:   12780
Production:   100 %
Morale:   100 %
Realm Loyalty:   100 %
Realm Control:   Core
Gold:   571 gold
Food:   230 bushels
Weather area:   East Islands


Troops in this region

Unit Commander Realm Troop Size Troop Type
The A-Team Rasputin Riombara 80 men Archers

Total Troops: 80 men
(80 Archers)

Riombara: 80 Archers
Nobles without units: Steel (Riombara)


1 Infantry centers, Scouts Guild, Weapon/Armour Smiths, Marketplace

Troops recruitable from this region

Name Type Training Equipment
Southern Outpost Infantry 40 45
Rasputin Rueffilo The A-Team
8 hours / 2 (+219) gold travelling 80 men, Archers