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Dragon Eye: Legacy - posted on Sun Jul 4 at 03:25:23 by Timothy Collett

Though Tom is no longer involved in BattleMaster, we are happy to announce his new game, Dragon Eye: Legacy. It is a 3D narrative adventure currently in early access beta.

Code Update June 2021 - posted on Sat Jun 26 at 15:21:12 by Timothy Collett

This is a major update, without much minor. Four important changes:

1. The requirement for Real Names has been removed.
2. The realm banner selector and uploader has been overhauled.
3. There is a new experimental message reader, which includes access to...
4. The Global Roleplay channel.

Click below to find out more!

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BattleMaster Going Early Modern - posted on Thu Apr 1 at 05:48:21 by Ethan Lee Vita

We have recently decided to expand BattleMaster's timeline a bit more to include early modernism, allowing us to incorporate more interesting features for players. As part of this plan, the first implementation has been complete - the incorporation of stock markets into BattleMaster, which all nobles may access from the Actions page. Considering the recent popularization of stockmarkets, we hope it will make BattleMaster more appealing to play to a wider audience.

New features on the agenda include:

Recent Updates, Lich King Event - posted on Mon Mar 15 at 18:55:25 by Timothy Collett

As some have already noticed, there have been several updates recently, which are largely focused on improving things behind the scenes for developers and fixing the bugs that cropped up since the server transition. However, there are a couple of items of note for players: Finally, there is now a special RP event ongoing on the Colonies: the Lich King has returned, and all now quake in terror before him! ...Or, well, at least quake in something. If you're not playing on the Colonies, you're missing out!

Issue with Logins - Resolved - posted on Sun Mar 14 at 21:56:05 by Timothy Collett

UPDATE: I believe I have now resolved the issue.

The latest update appears to have introduced an issue with logins that didn't show up during testing. I'm working on it; please be patient.

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